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IECC has been a leading provider of Electrical and Communications Solutions for 17 Years

Whether it’s a new construction, an upgrade to an exsisting site or ongoing service maintenance, for all business sectors we have the capability to provide a complete electrical and communication solution.

Our capabilities are wide ranging from structured cabling systems to green energy solutions and all our work is undertaken by experienced and highly qualified contractors and technicians.

Where Will Drivers Charge?

Ev charging stations are a NECESSITY for commercial properties and wherever vehicles are parked for a duration of time

Where Will Drivers Charge

Mass Market for EV’s has arrived

A brief overview on the current EV market with market projections. Include range of vehicle types from sports luxury, SUV’s to utilities and commercial vehicles

Cost Savings

Eliminate fuel costs from 8c a mile to 3c a mile


Execellent acceleration with instant torque


Less population, reduce dependence on fossl fuels

Battery Technology

There has been a breakthrough in bettery technology

Electric Vehicle Charging Standards





Level 1  Level 1
120 V, 12 AMPS


All EVs
Occasional Use
Level 2  Level 2
240 V, 30 AMPS

25 MPH

All EVs
Level 3 Level 3
480 V, 100+ AMPS


Select EVs
Road Trips

Continual Professional Development

IECC Continuously trains our technicians to maintain a high level of qualification and technical knowledge in the latest technology that our suppliers are providing.

We believe in the importance of being at the cutting edge of innovative technology so we can provide the necessary technical knowledge and expertise for our clients.

We partner up with suppliers and Industry Associations to keep up to date with the latest in disruptive technologies to ensure our clients are not left behind. These include:

Continual Professional Development

Compliance & Quality Assurance

Our industry is rapidly changing, what follows in a rapidly changing industry is the compliance requirements for our products and services.

IECC carries out the necessary due diligence to ensure our design and installation requirements are to the current Australian and Manufacturers standards. IECC is a member of the following Industry Associations and Government bodies which helps us maintain our compliance requirements

CAAS - Charding As A Service

CAAS Charging As A Service

Green Tech CAAS makes it east to provide dedicated EV Chargers as needed to individual tenants.

We provide the equipment and all related services, including tenant billing, driver support, and maintenance, in return for a fixed monthly subscription.

In addition to providing a turn-key solution and a green amenity, you gain an additional revenue stream,

Business Sectors that We Cover.

Design & Consulting





Service & Maintenance

Ongoing support


The team at IECC have been trained to provide a service to our clients which exceeds the industry standard, we aim to exceed the expectations of our clients and develop a high level of confidence and trust with all our partners in the industries we support.


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