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Our capabilities are wide ranging from structured cabling systems to green energy solutions and all our work is undertaken by experienced and highly qualified contractors and technicians.

CCTV can be an important feature for your home.

It provides multiple benefits including detterence against theft, can provide evidence of at fault damage to your home or vehicle, offers coverage of your street frontage and the ability to maintain a visual connection with your home even while youre travelling for peace of mind.

We can offer a wide range of products to suit your needs, from simple to complex, give us a call for a free quote

IECC is able to help with any of your CCTV security needs.

Our team provides the latest technology and works in conjunction with a range of reputable brands to ensure that our solutions are cutting edge and reliable. Our team have experience with all CCTV brands. A professional installer will ensure the correct placement of security cameras, as well as a clean finish and concealed cabling

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