We recommend LED down lights as a neccesary upgrade for all Fluorescent, halogen and incandescent lighting in your home.

Reduce your energy bills and carbon foot print while at the same time increasing the life of your light fittings. Its a win-win outcome for all home owners and rental properties.

IECC can provide you with an obligation free quote and also provide you with access to any Government subsidy you may be entitled to. 

Click here for an obligation free quote and one of our experienced technicians will be in touch shortly.

Having the right lighting is essential for your home.

IECC is your local expert for all your LED downlight installations. LED lights offer these benefits at an affordable price with low electricity consumption rates which make them perfect if cost efficiency matters most when deciding where best invest money into home improvements such as new wiring fixtures etc., unlike fluorescents who use more juice from those power sources even though they produce less overall lumens.