Does your switchboard look like it belongs in a museum? Your'e not alone, there are still many homes in NSW out a functioning safety switch.

Most of our customers were not aware that It is a requirement for all rental properties to have functioning safety switches.

We have a dedicated small works team who can upgrade your old fuse box with a new switchboard. Keep IECC in mind when your'e searching for a local electrician. You will be impressed with our service!

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IECC has a team of Electricians who are Licensed to perform Sydney Switchboard Upgrade, Repairs, Replacement and Installations.

IECC offers a wide range of electrical services to help homeowners understand how important it is for them start upgrading their home's system with new switches. As an established company that specializes in this area, we always ensure the safety and quality standards are met during every job by using only licensed electricians who specialize on different types if work like repairs or installations